About Tommy

Dr. Tommy Mann is the Pastor of Putman Baptist Church in Buffalo, South Carolina. He is also a failed politician, and the author of nine books that have not yet reached the Best Seller's List. Tommy writes about Christian apologetics, politics, sports, and anything else that's on his mind.

He holds degrees from Arlington Baptist University (Bachelor's in Bible), Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Master's in Theology), and Covington Theological Seminary (Doctor of Theology, Doctor of Ministry). Tommy has served in the ministry since 2004 (plus a brief stint as a sports writer). An Orlando native, Tommy and his wife and children now call South Carolina home.

Tommy is the dean of the Covington Theological Seminary Putman Extension, as well as professor of theology. He is available for interviews or to speak on various topics, including his conservative political views, theological beliefs, or on the content of his books. Since 2009 Tommy has appeared on radio and television shows across the country, and writes a weekly newspaper column.